Modis Works Towards Improving The Quality of Life in Bulgaria

Posted 27 June 2019

Modis is a global leader in professional solutions forIT, Engineering and Life Sciences. In Bulgaria, the company specializes inbuilding flexible and adaptive IT services and solutions for internationalbusinesses. Our mission is to help our partners improve the quality of life inthe constantly-changing environment that we live in. This is one of the reasonswe work with the “Bulgarian Medicines Verification Organization” and supporttheir contact center launched earlier in 2019.

The distribution of false medicines hides risks for patients and healthcare systems all around the world. That is why the pharmaceutical sector in Europe, as well as in Bulgaria, works in a joint effort to develop a system verifying the authenticity of produced medicines. The aim is to guarantee prevention of patients and to ensure the supply of authentic medicine products in compliance with all EU requirements and regulations against false healthcare goods.

The introduction of a unified system for verification of medicines in Europe is a key measure to guarantee the safety of all patients. In order to ensure its smooth adoption on our market, BGMVO is partnering with Modis for establishing the contact center. The company already organized a series of trainings for all employees who will be working on the project aiming at ensuring quality and timely reaction to all incoming signals in the process of medicines verification. The contact center is working from 9:00 to 18:00 on business days. Users can also send their inquiries at In addition to the partnership with the “Bulgarian Medicines Verification Organization” Modis has started working with 5 new companies since the beginning of 2019. Services and solutions for them will be provided by the company offices in Sofia and Plovdiv.