Key Industries

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An expanding global focus on smart industries.

As the worlds of IT and Engineering converge, digital disruptors across various industry value chains are creating the new Smart Industry.

Modis has developed deep expertise and understanding of in the industries we serve for over 30 years, becoming the most trusted technology and digital engineering partner to our clients. We help our clients transform, develop and adapt according to their unique needs.

Today, we see the impact of the new Smart Industry in nearly every sector we serve, especially in industries such as Automotive & Transportation, Industrial Manufacturing, Software, Internet & Communication, Financial Services, and Environmental & Energy.

Drawing on our deep industry knowledge and our multidisciplinary technology expertise, we strategize and build the solutions our clients need to transform into smarter organizations, driving sustainable growth.

Automotive & Transportation

Automotive & Transportation industry is experiencing challenges posed by disruptive technologies, rapidly changing customer expectations, new business models (mobility-as-a-service), new-age automobile manufacturers and an increasing pressure from government regulations. Modis works with manufacturers and new-age companies throughout the development lifecycle to build the next generation of vehicles, and deliver them more rapidly to market.


Automotive firms are undergoing a massive disruption with Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric mobility services and increasing amount of software and electronics content. With our service excellence, solutions we connect global OEMs and Tier1s with the world's smartest minds, to deliver superior experience, safety & efficiency.

Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace & Defense is in a state of constant turbulence – pressures of profitability, industry cycles and reduced discretionary spending linked to larger economic downturns. Accelerating production ramp-ups, integrating new technologies and the digitization of services and processes challenges airline operators and manufacturers to foster innovate & increase efficiency. Modis specialized expertise in Aerospace & Defense helps our customers in enabling accelerated innovation than was possible in the past.

Rail & Naval

Rail & Naval industries are facing disruption in electrification, driverless, pilotless and incremental changes in comfort, speed and efficiency. Modis is committed to solving these industry challenges by acceleration innovation to increase the pace of digitalization, improve safety and security, and build standardization and efficiency in rail and naval transportation.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Digital technologies are reshaping how industrial companies operate. Massive disruption in supply chains, low business visibility and plateauing margins are pushing the manufacturing industry to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies. AI, Cloud, Machine Vision, Predictive Maintenance are some of the many technologies that are transforming the modern industrial and manufacturing sphere. Modis provides clients with access to a global network of specialists with expertise in digital manufacturing, big data and analytics, and supply chain management, to accelerate digitalization and drive growth.


Semiconductor industry is at the core of the digital revolution. All major industries such as communications, computing, healthcare, transportation etc. are dependent on the pace of semiconductor development to deploy their next-gen digital solutions. The semiconductor industry faces a myriad of challenges with pressing need to take their products to market in the shortest time span, maintaining high quality standards and advance innovation. Modis experts provide an end-end services from device conceptualization, design and manufacturing for Semiconductor OEMs helping our customers innovate faster.


The fourth industrial revolution is upon us driving a true transformation in technologies and processes that make industrial and production processes smart. Modis industrial automation engineers develop solutions for superior industrial processes and assist with all aspects of hardware and software design and implementation, including documentation, support and standardization.

Medical Devices

The need to introduce differentiated products faster, deploy personalized services and create connected healthcare ecosystems is leading the transformation in the medical devices industry. Modis helps our clients in end-to-end product development, maintenance, manufacturing support, regulatory & product compliance and verification services.

Software, Internet and Communication

The pace of innovation and change in the Software, Internet and Communication is unparalleled. Evolving customer demands, increasing technological complexities and shortening product lifecycles are a big challenge for enterprise leaders. The rising need for communication infrastructure and the accelerated adoption of 5G is further pushing these enterprises into unchartered territories. Modis with its end-to-end offerings across the entire development lifecycle and a robust delivery model helps our customers in building next-generation solutions at a greater velocity.

Software & Internet

Smart technology areas such as SaaS, DevOps, Microservices, API, Cloud etc. are influencing consumer and enterprise software giants in driving business outcomes such as accelerated time-to-market, cost reduction, and enhanced customer experience. We embrace innovative business models, enable product innovation and leverage our core engineering capabilities to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the curve in the highly competitive market.

Telecom & Communication

The rapid adoption of 5G, explosion in number of smart devices and increasing price competition is creating the need for high quality, reliable, and affordable data and voice services. As a result, Telcos are undergoing an accelerated upgradation of their IT and connectivity infrastructure. Whether it’s developing and maintaining new software services, prototyping new IoT hardware or scaling databases to handle global demand, we collaborate with our customers finding the right solutions.

Environmental & Energy

Downturns and unpredictability in the Energy / Oil & Gas industry couples with the push towards renewables has put tremendous pressure on companies to increase efficiencies, control production, reduce costs and explore energy efficient alternatives. O&G companies are rapidly looking to digitalize their operations and leverage Smart Industry technologies across exploration, renewables, site management, manufacturing, retail etc. Modis helps its customers in end-to-end implementation of their digital programs enabling cost saving, build efficient energy solutions and improve business visibility.

Oil & Gas

Staying competitive is the need of the hour for oil and gas companies by embracing digital transformation to build increasingly interconnected, smart systems that leverage data and enable their frontlines to deliver large and lasting impact. Our professionals have the experience working with systems and on projects that affect all aspects of the industry; from the well head to the customer to increase hydrocarbon extraction, optimize production and control costs.

Energy & Utilities

The Energy & Utilities industry is undergoing significant changes with growing demand for clean energy, uninterrupted power supply, digitization of grid networks and improved focus on increasing efficiency and customer experience. Our expertise in working with power producers, distribution companies and retail services help clients to improve equipment and plant performance, manage their assets better and reduce the costs.

Financial Services

The Financial Services industry is at the forefront of the digital revolution as most traditional banks and financial institutions are being challenged by new-age Fintech companies, digital banks, alternate currencies etc. Financial Services majors are building a strong momentum to create faster, secure and highly customized user experiences. Modis with our rich experience and domain expertise in working with large financial enterprises is well positioned to develop cutting-edge solutions to enhance customer engagement and support for our clients in their journey to become truly smart and digital.


Financial Services is witnessing the advent of Tech Giants and new age Fintech companies disrupting the finance industry. Consumer demand for greater convenience, enhanced user experience and more efficient service is also intensifying. Our Financial Services experts help large and mid-size banks and financial institutions help clients to digitally transform their businesses and improve operational efficiency, optimize costs, and create best in class experiences.


Demanding customers, new competitors and a disruption led by new-age technologies are transforming insurers to innovate and introduce new products and services at an unprecedented pace. Insurers with more advanced digital underwriting, claims, and administrative processes are in a much stronger position than competition. We help our clients build customer-centric solutions across the insurance value chain and improving customer experience.